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Norm Sanford

Retired (Evergreen High School)
Area 4
I have retired after 53 years of teaching and doing activities. I taught at Newbury Park High School in California for 10 years, Westlake High School for 13 years, and I taught at Evergreen High School in Vancouver, Washington for 30 years. I was there from 1991 and retired in 2021. I have taught Mathematics, A.S.B. Leadership and Speech and Debate. I am currently substituting in the Ridgefield, WA school district. When I taught in California i was on the CADA board as the Area D Coordinator. I am currently the Treasurer for WACA.
In my spare time I was one of the founders of a company called IPS Publishing. It was a software company that developed test generating software. In 1997 the company was purchased by Advantage Learning Systems. I worked for them on a program called Accelerated Math to accompany their Accelerated Reader program. In November of 2000 both companies changed names. They are now Renaissance Learning and Renaissance Corporate Services. I no longer work for them.
Every August I volunteer to help run the Clark County Fair Junior Livestock Auction. I also run all of the Speech and Debate tournaments in Clark County. I live on a farm in Washington with my wife, Kathy, dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese, quail, rabbits and sheep.
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