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Jeannette Siemers

Monroe High School
Area 1
I engage in the proactive practice of building positive connections with students. For every 25-30 positive interactions I have with students, there may be one disciplinary action I need to take.
I love chatting with others about restorative practices in the education setting and how we can intentionally engage with our students each and every day.
Wednesday, March 13

10:00am AKDT

1:00pm AKDT

1:15pm AKDT

1:45pm AKDT

2:15pm AKDT

2:50pm AKDT

3:25pm AKDT

4:05pm AKDT

4:20pm AKDT

5:15pm AKDT

5:45pm AKDT

6:45pm AKDT

8:00pm AKDT

Thursday, March 14

7:00am AKDT

8:00am AKDT

9:00am AKDT

9:40am AKDT

11:10am AKDT

12:00pm AKDT

1:35pm AKDT

3:10pm AKDT

5:00pm AKDT

6:00pm AKDT

8:30pm AKDT

Friday, March 15

7:00am AKDT

8:30am AKDT

9:40am AKDT

10:20am AKDT